There are many other delicious options to choose  when you book your private BBQ  such as the vegan lentil burger or the home made tofu burger with aubergine ketchup...

Sides such as grilled wings with choice of marinades and glazes, classics like shaved corn cobs, or my signature truffled  baby potato salad and many more

desserts are also available, fresh home made sorbets and ice-creams tarts cakes and more.

My Texas style Smoked Brisket is a wonderful thing to eat! simply rubbed with my own blend dry rub and gently smoked over lump-wood charcoal in my Kamado Joe BBQ... So simple I have no more to say about it and so delicious it will leave you speechless!


Sourced from my local farm butcher (Brookfield Farm Butchers)

I take over the butcher's block in person

DISCLAIMER: the food shown on this site is all my own

Find me at St Albans market on Wednesdays & Saturdays*

*I may be absent from time to time due to private bookings and food festivals

My Beef burgers are unlike any others on the market, made only from whole cuts of beef and a touch of seasoning, the only machine used in the process is the mincer, you can literally taste the difference! They may be burgers by name but by all other accounts they are more closely related to the best steak dinner you've ever eaten!!

My spicy Marinated Chicken breast fillets are a thing of true beauty! unlike many marinades that are too often used to mask poor quality meat or indeed poor cooking, my marinade is made fresh in small batches from freshly ground whole spices, and merely enhances the flavour of the top quality fillets used! you will therefore taste the flavour of roast chicken first before the marinade delights with it's  aroma!