My name is Alec

Before my brief appearance on Masterchef 2012 I was a building services engineering manager with a passion for cooking.

Being on the show made me realise that cooking (and feeding people) meant more to me than I could have possibly imagined.

I've since met and cooked for many people that, dish by dish, have given me the confidence to finally quit my engineering job and take the plunge into the catering industry, I'm currently in my fourth year!

I've built a mobile kitchen equipped as well as any pro kitchen, it fits neatly  under my blue gazeebo, where I'm able to produce a wide range of beautiful and delicious dishes, from the best quality hand crafted burgers and relishes to speciality spit roasts; from three course meals to multiple course tasting menus everything is possible you only have to ask.

I also provide a private chef service, cooking bespoke menus for you in your home; whether you want to see the dishes demonstrated or just be served in the comfort of your dining room the choice is yours!